Alternative Energy Options

The need for green energy solutions has been rapidly growing, and Dan House Electric is working hard to ensure the latest technology is available to homes and businesses across our service area. Avidly pursuing NABCEP and LEED certifications, we are offering the renewable energy resources you need right now. Here are just a few of the solutions you may be considering:

Photovoltaic Systems: Converting sunlight directly into electricity to help power your home or office, photovoltaic systems are becoming increasingly popular because they’re one of the cleanest alternatives on the market today. A reliable system that requires very little maintenance, this form of solar energy lets you become independent of overpriced, fossil fuel dependent technology. What’s more, though, is that you can lower your bills and your daily carbon footprint simultaneously just by having a system like this installed. With a variety of different kinds of solar panels, it’s an attractive option for the green conscious consumer.

Biomass Generators: Ideal for those who want to save money and reduce fossil fuel consumption simultaneously. Partnering with a cutting edge startup company, Planet Green Solutions, we offer biomass generators that work well on both smaller and larger scales. If you’re up against an ever increasing disposal cost for your fibrous organic waste or have existing production equipment that could use an upgrade, now is the time to consider your biomass options. Another thirty years of the volatile fossil fuels market simply isn’t the way to move forward, but biomass conversion certainly is. Contact us today to learn more about what a biomass generator can do for you.

As the need for renewable energy resources grows, governments at every level will continue to incentivize and sponsor technologies like these. Take a moment to browse our complete selection of alternative energy options now and contact us.

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