About Dan House Electric

Created in 1951 to serve the needs of customers in South West Florida, Dan House Electric is a family-owned company that relies on good customer service, a knowledgeable team, and reliable employees to meet the needs of every customer. One thing that has remained the same is the unwavering commitment to excellence. Over the years two main traits differentiate Dan House from the other contractors listed in the yellow pages:

Dan House Electric is one of the only full service firms on the market.

While many residential and industrial electrical contractors can handle some tasks, they take things a bit further. In addition to meeting typical residential needs like new meters, wiring cleanup, and circuit breaker installation, they also handle repairs and renovations on every level. They are right at home with CCTV Cameras, security system installation, phone and data network installation, audio and video system set up, intercoms, lighting automation and much more. By eliminating the need to contact more than one sub contractor, you’ll save time and money.

Our professionalism is second to none.

With over twenty five skilled employees on staff, contacting Dan House Electric means reaching an experienced team of professionals who work together on a daily basis. Here you won’t find the outsourcing that’s so typical in this profession. Each employee undergoes a thorough background check as well as a complete screening for integrity and character before they begin working with Dan House, and once they come aboard, they’re required to complete our rigorous ongoing training program. As a result, you get a trustworthy team with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary for specialized projects just like yours.

If you’re searching for state of the art technical and professional services, look to one of Florida’s most successful growing companies – Dan House Electric.

Dan House Electric

4110 Enterprise Ave, Suite 219 | Naples, FL 34104